Connecting with Francophones on Social Media

Engaging consumers on social media is a must for most businesses today. Brands need to speak with consumers, listen to their feedback and respond accordingly. Successfully interacting with potential clients means speaking their language – both figuratively and literally. So how are businesses faring with Francophones in Quebec in this regard?

Adapter ses profils de médias sociaux à la langue de sa clientèle : les avantages

Avec l’avènement des nouvelles technologies, les médias sociaux ont vu leur popularité grimper en flèche, devenant du même coup un incontournable pour la diffusion de messages et le partage d’information. Pour rejoindre un maximum de personnes sans être freiné par la barrière de la langue, des profils de médias sociaux personnalisés et bien ciblés apparaissent la solution idéale. (more…)

Why You Need a Bilingual Facebook Page in Quebec

Businesses today need a Facebook page. Not only does it give you a chance to get direct feedback from your target audience and attract new followers, it also puts a human face on your company and drives traffic to your Website. If you’re operating in Quebec, you also need to consider the language issue.