Daunted by the prospect of looking for a translator? To get you started, here are four important factors to consider when making your decision.


Look for someone with credentials. Are they a member of a professional order? Do they hold a degree in translation? Do they have experience in your area of expertise? After all, you might not want a health translator working on your deck-building manual!


While you should make every effort to work the translation step into your production schedule, you may at times have last-minute requests. Seek out a translator who can accommodate you when this happens. Ask about turnaround times, office hours and additional fees for urgent jobs.


All details matter in a good translation – every comma, word and sentence. Keep an ear open for client feedback. If your customers are making comments or asking many questions about a translated document, take a second look at the quality of the work. It’s a good way to know whether all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s, crossed.


You have a budget to respect, but don’t just go for the cheapest rate. Be wary of quotes that are way below market pricing. That great bargain might equal low quality. Keep in mind that poorly translated texts can undermine your carefully crafted brand image. Your company’s reputation is at stake, so a little investment is well worth it.

Having the perfect language partner for your business will give you peace of mind, since you’ll know the translation task is in good hands. For more information on the makings of a great translator, check out our post, “Translation: Why Being Bilingual Isn’t Enough.”