It’s summer! Time to ditch your laptop and business garb, pick up a book and head to the pool, park or beach. If you’ve been working hard on honing your French all year, you might not want to stop your learning altogether. Here are some super fun ways you can work language instruction into your summer schedule.

  1. Try to practise a little bit every day. Speak with a neighbour, read a few lines, listen to the news, watch a YouTube video or stream one of your favourite shows with French subtitles.
  2. Hit the summer entertainment scene. The season abounds with amazing festivals and captivating summer theatre – both indoors and in the open air. Summer plays, for example, are known to be lighthearted and fun – a delightful way to advance your knowledge of the language and culture. And don’t forget to chat up the other patrons during intermission.
  3. Taking a road trip? Listen to a podcast in French. It can be anything: a novel, a self-help book or an actual lesson. The travel time will fly by and you’ll be that much wiser when you step out of your car.
  4. Travel to a French-speaking country or take part in an exchange program. Immersion is always an effective way to learn. You’ll practise before you go (to get ready) and during your trip.
  5.  Take a class. Most colleges and universities have an interesting offering of language courses every summer. You’ll surely meet other dedicated language lovers willing to sacrifice a few hours at the beach to perfect their second language.

Wishing you a great summer!