Looking to take your French beyond the “Ouvrez la porte/Fermez la fenêtre” you learned in high school? Practice is the only way to go.  Here’s how you can work more French into your daily life to get ready for that trip to Paris or that new bilingual job. All you need is determination, patience and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

1. Take a French class

Call your community college or local chapter of the Alliance française to find out their class offerings. Not only will you improve your language skills, you’ll also have the chance to connect with other Francophiles. Or go the online route and Skype your way to better fluency.

2. Take a class in French

Love to cook? Want to learn to knit or do woodwork? If your level of understanding is adequate, take a class in something you enjoy in French. You’ll double your learning!

3. Pull out flash cards

They’re colourful, handy and fun. Use them to learn a new word every day.

4. Dust off your label maker

Label common items in your home and say the words aloud as you walk by.

5. Be a couch potato (with a purpose)

Television is a great way to hone your French skills. Netflix, for instance, has a solid lineup of French-language movies and shows, including blockbusters like Star Wars and Finding Dory. Just sit back, relax, turn on the subtitles and learn!

Apply these tips and soon you’ll be able to say, “oui” the next time someone asks, “Parlez-vous français?”